"Fast Flyin' Train on a Tornado Track..."


Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research.  
 John Milton (Eἰκονοκλάστης XXIII)

Barker, Derek. "Smells like zine spirit." Isis 116 (August-September 2004): 19-24

Barker, Derek. "Smells like zine spirit." Isis 117 (October-November 2004): 40-47


Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA 

Colbert Cartwright donated his collection of periodicals, books, and Bob Dylan concert recordings to Bowling Green State University.


Howells, John and Adam K. Powers, "Are there magazines about Dylan to which I could subscribe?" stason.org

This extract is from the EDLIS rec.music.dylan Bob Dylan FAQ by Adam K. Powers and John Howells, with numerous contributions by others.


Pomarede, Michael, Ian Woodward et al, "Fanzine listing," Come writers and critics, the Bob Dylan paper site. 

This website includes a list of Bob Dylan fanzines, compiled by Michael Pomarede with contributions from Ian Woodward and others. It was the first significant listing of Bob Dylan fanzines on the Internet.



ROck JAzz ROots is a searchable source for articles, discographies, live-/ record-reviews etc published in the music press worldwide including fanzines. 



WorldCat is a network of library content and services, a union catalogue for the world to which a growing number of libraries contribute. If you know a good library that is not involved recommend to them that they join. 

By clicking on the WorldCat link it is possible to find bibliographical information as well as a list of holding libraries for each publication or item. If you sign in with your postcode it will always tell you how far a book or item is away from you!

If you only learn to use one catalogue WorldCat would be EDLIS' choice. The features and options are astonishing. Use it on your mobile telephone while you wander library stacks, build a bibliography, scan the barcode of a book and see the WorldCat entry... Or just look up a book or fanzine!

Bob Dylan fanzines at worldcat.org

Bob Dylan recordings at worldcat.org


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