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This site is an EDLIS catalogue of fanzines devoted to Bob Dylan's music, or with significant relevant content. A resource for fans and collectors everywhere! 

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All night café
Australia: [1994-    ]
P.O. Box 632, Carlton South, Victoria 3053, Australia
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

As well as Watching The River Flow

What’s the matter with me
I don’t have much to say
Daylight sneakin’ through the window
And I’m still in this all-night café
Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon
Out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow
To sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow

All Night Café is also a Hank Snow song.


Any day now   [DEAD]
France : Marie Lhoyer [1980-1982]
In French and English
OCLC: 431412604
ill. ; 30cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No. 4,5,6,9]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals 

This magazine ran for 10 issues with 3 special issues. Each cover was hand-decorated.


Au Dylan neuf : gazette du club Bob Dylan   [DEAD]
France: [1976-1977]
In French
Editor: Chris Levraux
Ran for one advanced issue and 3 regular issues. 

The name of this publication has an interesting origin. There is an ancient French phrase 'au gui l'an neuf' ('mistletoe in the new year'), the mistletoe being cut by Druid priests to bring good luck and happiness. This fanzine title is a play on words - 'Au Dy-l'an neuf'. 


Blowin’ in the wind : quarterly of the Bob Dylan Fellowship   [DEAD]
San Francisco, USA: [1975-    ]
OCLC: 312683815
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208 United States
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals


Bob Dylan newsletter   [DEAD]
Seattle, WA, USA: [1986-1988]
OCLC: 429339329
ill. ; 28cm
www.worldcat.org/title/bob-dylan-newsletter/oclc/429339329Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [Autumn 1986- Summer 1991]
Frequency: Quarterly
LCSH: Dylan, Bob --1941 -- Periodicals


Bob Dylan occasionally   [DEAD]
Pattingham, Wolverhampton, UK : B.D. Occasionally, [1980-1985]
OCLC: 20365930
ill. ; 28cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries [No. 1-5, August 1980 - October 1985]
Editor: Ian Woodward
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals
Title often cited as simply Occasionally

Publication information from issue #5: "Occasionally is not available on subscription, but can be got from the following sources. At the time of writing, these supply arrangements had not been established, but I anticipate no difficulties.
      - "Bookshelf", c/o Wanted Man, The Bob Dylan Information Office, PO Box 18, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0XJ, England.
       - HoBo, Wendl-Dietrich-6, 8000 München 19, West Germany"

See also: Wicked Messenger, The


Bridge, The
Gateshead (PO Box 198, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear) UK : The Bridge, [1998-    ]
OCLC: 225921310
ill. (some col.), ports. (some col.) ; 21 cm.
British Library, The [complete set]
Editors: Mike Wyvill, John Wraith
Frequency: Three issues yearly (July, November, March)
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals.

The Bridge began publication in 1998 following Bob Dylan’s tour that year. The magazine includes an assortment of interpretative and factual articles. The editors accept contributions from a variety of sources and readers are welcome to submit ideas and information to the contact address provided. The Bridge is printed three times a year. Occasionally the publication date may be a little later than listed. This is due to editorial commitments and attempts to provide the highest quality, the most current tour dates and up-to-date information.
Subscriptions [20101104]: UK - £23
Europe - £27
USA/Rest of World - £33 or $64
Subscriptions commence June 1st annually, with the first issue published in July.
Cheques made payable to Two Riders, in UK Sterling. If payment in US Dollars, add $13 for processing.


Changin' : the Dylan magazine   [DEAD]
Boston, MA, USA : Brian Stibal, [1979]
OCLC: 670435786
ill. ; 28cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries OH, USA [No. 10]
Editor: Brian Stibal
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

Changin' is the 10th issue of 'Talkin' Bob Zimmerman Blues. Editor Brian Stibal was asked to change the title of his fanzine by Bob Dylan himself, who requested a more forward-looking title. 

See also: Talkin' Bob Zimmerman blues, Zimmerman blues : a/the Dylan magazine.


Crab apple   [DEAD]
UK: [1966]
Editor: Mary Reed (aka Mary Legg)
90 pages of text, no illustrations. 


Crawdaddy! the magazine of rock  [DEAD]
Encinitas, CA, USA: Paul Williams [1966-1979]
OCLC: 477260840
ill. ; 28cm
Danish Union Catalogue and Danish National Bibliography 
Editor: Paul Williams
LCSH: Popular music -- Periodicals

Started by Paul Williams in January 1966, Crawdaddy! was the first 'rock magazine' or fanzine of its type, with writers such as Jon Landau and Richard Meltzer. Paul Williams dropped out of the production in 1968. Chester Anderson, Peter Stafford, Raenne Rubenstein, and Peter Knobler had subsequent periods as editors. Crawdaddy! ran until 1979, when it suffered a name change (to 'Feature') and an attempted expansion failed, leading to the collapse of the venture.

Archives may be explored here: http://www.crawdaddy.com/index.php/sixties-archives/

Paul Williams returned in 2003 for 28 issues, and since 2006 it has run as an online magazine.



Desolation post
Spain: [2006-    ]
In Spanish
Writers: Benjamín Prado, Alberto Bravo, Fran García, Fernando Garcín, Antonio Iriarte


Desolation row   [DEAD]
Holland: [1969-1971]
In Dutch
Folio size, approximately 8 pages per issue.
Ran for 11 issues. 


Dignity   [DEAD]
Welwyn Garden City, England: Desolation Row Productions [1995-199?]
OCLC: 42262420
ill., ports. ; 30cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No. 1-4, 1995-1996]
Editor: John Baldwin
Frequency: 6 issues a year
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

The objective was to provide serious Bob Dylan analysis. This included song and concert commentary (any show any date), books, reader ads, etc.

John Baldwin maintained a UK-based free telephone information service. Within the UK: 01707-394678
From overseas: [country code] +44-1707-394678


Dylan   [DEAD] 
Germany: [1980-1983]
In German
Editor: Hubert Srassl

This magazine ran for 11 issues. It contained reproductions of many newspaper articles. 


Dylan books newsletter [DEAD]
UK: [1979-1981]
Editor: Ian Woodward

This fanzine ran for 8 issues. It preceded Some notes on Dylan/The wicked messenger. All the issues were gathered together to form the pamphlet Two years on!

See also : Two years on!


Dylan: …eine Zeitschrift von Bob-Dylan-Fans für Bob-Dylan-Fans   [DEAD]
Buchelburg, Germany: [s.n., 1981-    ]
In German
ill. ; 29 cm
OCLC: 643899225
OCLC: 20365917 
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No. 10-11]
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Bavarian State Library (BSB)
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals 
“A non-professional publication by Bob Dylan Fans, for Bob Dylan Fans”


Endless road : a Dylan magazine   [DEAD]
Kingston Upon Hull, North Humberside, UK: Endless Road Magazine [1981-1984]
Editor: John Wellburn
OCLC: 42282120
ill., ports. ; 21-30cm
University of California, Santa Cruz UCSC, USA [No. 1-7, 1981-1984]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 --  Periodicals


Famous etiquette book, The   [DEAD]
Solihull, UK 
Editor: Phill Townsend

Available from PO Box 2935, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 2LQ, UK. Subscription was £5 sterling for 5 issues, payable to Phill Townsend.

TFEQ was a news-sheet produced by Phill Townsend (Crazy Joe in ISIS) that gave updates on Dylan CD boots as they became available. This information later became available in ISIS and Series of Dreams, and eventually in Townsend's book(s). 
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Discography -- Periodicals
LCSH: Sound recordings -- Collectors and collecting -- Periodicals


Fanzimmer   [DEAD]
Spain: [2002-2007]
In Spanish
Editor: Rafael de Pablo

This was the first Spanish fanzine. Edited by Rafael de Pablo, first issue Spring 2002, last in 2007. There were 15 issues made; the first five issues size was 24 cm x 16 cm, the other ten were A5 (21cm x 14.5cm).


Fourth time around   [DEAD]
England: Chris Hockenhull [1982-1984]
OCLC: 61103058
ill. ; 28cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries OH, USA [No. 2]
Editor: Chris Hockenhull
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals


Freewheelin’ (UK)   [DEAD]
England : [s.n., 1996-2002]
OCLC: 49969744
20v. : ill. ; 21cm
Cambridge University Library, UK
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

The online Freewheelin' magazine has been available since May 24, 2002. 

Freewheelin’ (US)   [DEAD]
United States : [s.n., 198?-1991]
OCLC: 402466937
ill. ; 28cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries OH, USA [v.2, no’s 8-9, 1987; no’s 66-70, 1991]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals
Freewheelin’ quarterly
England: Woodstock Publications [2001-    ]
OCLC: 49969804
ill. ; 24cm
No libraries were found to hold this journal
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals


Iola, Wisconsin, USA : Krause Publications [1985-   ]
ISSN: 1055-2685
OCLC: 13070910
ill. ; 36cm
Seattle Public Library, USA [retained 1 year plus current year]
Frequency: bi-weekly
LCSH: Sound recordings -- Collectors and collecting -- Periodicals

This is a record and CD collectors' publication, published
twice a month, known for being a forum for bootleg buyers and sellers. Goldmine has phased out detailed advertisements from all but the largest dealers, including a crackdown on classified ads. This includes tapes and videos, but not CD's.


Homer, the slut   [DEAD]
Fulham [London], England : A. Muir [1990-1995]
OCLC: 42848021
ill. , ports. ;  30cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No’s 1-4 1990-1991, No’s 5-7 1992, No’s 8-10 1993]
Editor: Andrew Muir
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

'Homer' ran for 11 numbered issues, plus 3 'Special Subscriber's Issues' and an 'Information Line Special', Christmas 1995.


Hypnotist collectors : the Dylan Collector revue [DEAD]
France : [1989-1992]
Editor: Jean Louis Dréau

This was a work devoted to Bob Dylan's official discography. It had three known issues and the information was also incorporated into the book, Hypnotist collectors : an international illustrated discography


ICE : international CD exchange : a monthly newsletter / marketplace for Compact Disc enthusiasts   [DEAD]
Santa Monica, California, USA : P.J. Howard, [1992-2006]
ISSN: 1093-7323
OCLC: 30945743
15 v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Whittier Public Library, California, USA [copies from 1993-2006]
Editor: Peter J. Howard
LCSH: Compact discs -- Periodicals
LCSH: Sound recordings -- Collectors and collecting -- Periodicals

A newsletter that provided information on new CDs, re-issued CDs, underground CDs, and planned releases from reliable sources. Not a Dylan magazine, but usually contained something regarding Dylan CDs. P.O. Box 3043, Santa Monica, CA 90408. Monthly. Subscriptions $30/yr in North America, $40/yr elsewhere [emailice@aol.com]


Idiot Wind   [DEAD] 
Editor: Stan Smith

Issue 1 probably April 1980, consists of photocopies of Dylan articles from May and June 1966.  A 1964 issue was promised for 1981 but might never have been produced. 


Bedworth (P.O.  Box 1182, Bedworth, Warwickshire) UK : Isis [1994–    ]
Later issued from Coventry, West Midlands
ISSN: 1464-911X
OCLC: 499285454
OCLC: 36346510
ill. , ports. ; 30cm
British Library, The [complete set]
Editor: Derek Barker
Six issues yearly
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals


Isis was established in 1985. It is a comprehensive magazine, which aims to provide information and opinion on all aspects of Bob Dylan’s life and work. It includes reviews of books, CDs and DVDs as well as Henry Porter’s column, which aims to review every bootleg Dylan CD released worldwide.
Isis publishes exclusive articles, interviews and rare photographs. From December 1988, Isis also included the Wicked messenger newsletter, which has been on hiatus since 2009. Starting in ISIS #143 Derek and Tracy Barker have been writing a multi-paged section called "Something's Happening" which covers news & reviews. 

Subscriptions [20100511]
UK -  £32.80
Europe - £43.46
USA/Canada - £39.97
Rest of World - £41.00

See also: Wicked messenger, The


Jack of Hearts   [DEAD]
Rho, Milano, Italy : [1985-1987]
Editors: The Jokerman Club - Elena Grassi, Grazia Cioffi, Michele Grassi 

The Jack of Hearts fanzine ran from June 1985 to December 1987 (nine magazines - the final one being a double issue of numbers 9 and 10). 

It contained Italian translations of articles from The Telegraph, original articles in Italian, translations of Dylan lyrics, album reviews, letters from subscribers, and an Italian and international bibliography and discography. 

Each issue developed in style and presentation, with original artwork on the covers. The final issue had a deluxe colour cover and had 104 pages. 

Information provided by the owner of a complete set of the fanzine, Andrea Falesi.


Jokerman   [DEAD]
UK: [1996-1997]
Printed on one side of a xeroxed paper, its purpose was to present "a lighter outlook on all things Bob". There were only 4 issues of this magazine.
Contact information: 90 High Trees Close, Oakenshaw, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 7XL


Judas!   [DEAD]
England: [2002-2007]
Editor: Andy Muir
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

Read complete issues online: http://www.a-muir.co.uk/Dylan/OMN/judas.html


Jungleland   [DEAD]
Edinburgh, UK : Jade Press [1977-197?]
OCLC: 479979434
ill. ; 30cm
New York University, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, New York, NY USA
LCSH: Rock music -- 1971-1980 -- Periodicals

"A rock'n'roll magazine. The magazine that respects your intellect!"
Jungleland was influenced and motivated by Patti Smith, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Richard Hell, Bowie and Springsteen.


Lonesome organ grinder, The [DEAD]
UK : [1985-September/November 1986]
Editor: Phill Townsend
Frequency: monthly [?] 

Issue number 5 of The lonesome organ grinder is sometimes found stapled together with Isis number 5 as well as The wicked messenger numbers 239-247. Usually it is found as a stand-alone fanzine.


Look back at Bob Dylan   [DEAD]
Chardon, Ohio, USA : Famous Etiquette Publishers [1984-1993]
ISSN: 1049-4340
OCLC: 21218273
ill. ; 22cm
University of California Santa Cruz UCSC, California, USA [No. 11-30, fall 1986-winter 1992]
Editor: Mitch Barth
Robert Whitehouse & Tim Dunn (Famous Etiquette Publishers)
Frequency: 4 times a year
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

This fanzine was extremely popular, well respected and was published for many years.Two issues were published with supplementary booklets. Issue #11 contained 'A million faces at my feet' (covering the 1986 tour) and issue #18 contained 'Hurricane: outside the law' (about Rubin Carter). 

See also: Wicked messenger, The


 Merseyside Dylan   [DEAD]

    The magazine Merseyside Dylan (aka 'Merseyside dylan' without capitalization on the D in the 1998 issue) ran from 1995-1998.

    No editor - contributions were collated but not edited as such. 
    Main collation and publication by John Thorndike and Chris Hockenhull.
    Original artwork by the Liverpool Echo political cartoonist Peter King. 

    Included reviews of all shows on the UK leg of the tours of those years, photographs (b&w - limited), artwork, setlists, poetry, anecdotes about problems with venue security and meeting interesting people along the way. It is an interesting mixture of amateur fan recollections and professional writing. 

    Because contributions were collated, the font and style of each article is the original submission and all are different 


Montague Street: the art of Bob Dylan
Brooklyn, NY, USA : Charles Haeussler [2009-    ]
ISSN: 2153-6104
OCLC: 535480024
Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, CO, USA, Leslie J. Savage Library [Complete set]
Editor: Charles Haeussler
Frequency: Semi-annual
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

Price: $10.00 USD per issue
Issue 1 - Winter 2009
Issue 2  - Shipped October 1st 2010


Mr. Tambourine man : the Bob Dylan magazine   [DEAD]
USA : [1983-1985]
Editor: Joseph Bornstein
This magazine ran for 10 regular issues and one special edition.


No fences facing : a celebration of Dylan as Muse
Brooklyn, New York, USA : Parkside Productions [1990 - 1991?]
Frequency: Erratic [planned as a quarterly]

7 known issues of this magazine were released, some in 1990. The price on the cover of the first issue was 15 cents US and annual subscriptions were taken.

"No fences facing: the Journal of Dylanology is published by Nothing Was Delivered Research Foundation, 829 Greenwood Avenue, #6A, Brooklyn, New York 11218-1349. Single issue: $1.50 + two stamps, 4 issue subscription $7.00 yearly in USA, $13.00 in Europe."

Not a large circulation. Photocopied pages, sometimes on white paper, sometimes on coloured paper. The pages were held together with staples. The size was US Letter paper (215.9 x 279.4mm / 8.5 x 11 inches).



See also: Bob Dylan occasionally / Wicked Messenger, The


On the tracks : the unauthorized Bob Dylan magazine   [DEAD]
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA : Rolling Tomes Inc., [1993-2003]
ISSN: 1068-8625
OCLC: 27829499
ill. ; 28cm
Holding Library: Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries OH, USA [Incomplete, No.1 (1993) - 21 (2001)]
Frequency: Quarterly
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals


Featured interviews, columns by well-known Dylan
commentators, such as Paul Williams, and importantly, included the Rolling Tomes catalog within its pages. The companion newsletter covered the gritty details such as concert dates, setlists, news events and rumours.

There was also a telephone 'hotline' provided by Rolling Tomes. The Rolling Tomes Hotline, USA: 970-243-8025.- the operator asked you to enter the "hotline access number" located in the lower right corner of the back cover of the current Rolling Tomes catalogue. So you must either have seen the catalogue or have contact with someone who had... . A touch-tone telephone was required. The recording was updated at least weekly, more often when news warranted it.

See also: Series of dreams 


Parking meter : Das deutschsprachige Dylan-Magazin   [DEAD]
Vienna, Austria : [1997-2001]
In German
Editors: Burkhard Schleser & Rainer Vesely
Ceased publication with issue 16



Ramblin' On [DEAD]
UK: Obviously 5 Believers, The Preston Bob Dylan Society [1987-1988]
Editor: Rob Lewis
Also printed as Rambling On (issue 1)
This erratic magazine only ran for 3 issues. 

Rolling telegraph supplement   [DEAD]
Lancashire England : Bob Dylan Information Office  [1986-198?]
OCLC: 466183796
ill. ; 22cm
University of California Santa Cruz UCSC, California, USA [issues 1-15, 17-23]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals
Cover title on some issues : RTS
Contained the newsletter ‘The Wicked Messenger’

See also: Wicked Messenger, The


Rolling thunder
Frequency: 3 times a year plus 4 newsflashes.
Editor:Peter Mestach,
Contact address: Hundelgemsesteenweg 409, 9050 Gentbrugge, Belgium.

The magazine has a professional layout with a color cover
printed on glossy paper. Every magazine is written in Dutch and has extensive tour reports, CD reviews, book reviews, a news section, an essay on Bob Dylan, articles about Bob in the press plus a special that covers a period in Bob Dylan's career. Rolling Thunder also organizes Dylan parties.
Subscriptions cost 700 BEF (about $19), payable by IMO to the address mentioned above. Belgian and Dutch subscribers can also pay by bank transfer.


Rolling thunder   [DEAD]
Italy [1989-1992]
In Italian with some reprinted English articles
Frequency: three times a year
Editor: Paolo Jikan Vites 
Issues $12 each through Rolling Tomes. 
Described in the Rolling Tomes catalogue as "large format, nice layout and photos. Mostly Italian text." It ran for 10 issues, plus one special edition called 'All the way down to Italy' (about Dylan's visits to Italy from 1963-1991). 

Rolling Thunder covers gallery: http://www.maggiesfarm.it/rt.htm


Rolling trainspotters supplement - RTS   [DEAD]
United States : [s.n., 198?-199?]
OCLC: 56472256
ill. ; 22cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [Incomplete, 1989-1990]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals


Royal's world countdown, The   [DEAD]
Hollywood, California, USA : Charles Royal
OCLC: 55059688
ill. ; 49cm
San Francisco Public Library, California, USA [Vol.2, No. 7 [1967]]
Editor: Charles Royal
LCSH: Popular music -- Periodicals

"The first worldwide music newspaper." This magazine was not a Bob Dylan fanzine, but contains significant relevant and contextual significance for inclusion in this bibliography. 


Series of dreams : the companion newsletter to ‘On the tracks’   [DEAD]
Grand Junction, Colorado, USA : [1993-2003]
OCLC: 265429832
28 cm
Cambridge University Library, UK
Frequency: Monthly
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

See also: On the tracks


Sing out!
New York City, N.Y., USA : Peoples Artists Inc. [1950-    ]
ISSN: 0037-5624
OCLC: 1695404
ill. ; 22-28cm
Western Washington University Library, Bellingham, Washington, USA
Frequency: Quarterly 
LCSH: Folk songs -- United States -- Periodicals

Also published under the title Sing out and as an online magazine.

Sing out, at the height of the folk revival in the early 1960s, was an important journal in publicizing Bob Dylan, recording his early activities and songs in print and publishing interviews. It is not a fanzine, but is a vital magazine for Bob Dylan historians and enthusiasts.    


Talkin’ Bob Zimmerman blues   [DEAD]
Boston, MA, USA : Brian Stibal [1975-1979]
OCLC: 56471881
ill. ; 28cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No.1-10 1975-1979]
Editor: Brian Stibal
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

Changed title to Zimmerman blues magazine Issue No. 6, winter 1977, then to Changin' for issue 10, 1979.

See also: Changin', Zimmerman blues : a/the Dylan magazine.


Taper’s quarterly   [DEAD]
Los Angeles, USA : Live Audio Video Association (LAVA), 1726 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94109-3643 [1993-1996]
OCLC: 46684440
ill., ports. ; 28cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No.4 (1993)-No.7 (1995)]
Editor: Jeff Soldau
LCSH: Popular music -- Periodicals
LCSH: Sound recordings -- Collectors and collecting -- Periodicals

Emails: lava@well.sf.ca.com , uadlosj@gmail.com

A forum for those who record live music of all sorts, and contains information regarding equipment, techniques, etc.


Telegraph, The   [DEAD]
Manchester, England : Wanted Man [1981-1997]
OCLC: 36346477
ill., ports. ; 21cm
University of California Santa Cruz UCSC, California, USA [No. 23-56 (1986-1997)]
Editors: Wanted Man (Organization), John Bauldie
LCSH: Dylan, Bob --1941 -- Periodicals

"I first started The Telegraph in 1981, when I was living near Manchester, in the North of England. There were a couple of Bob Dylan conventions up there, at which I met some similarly enthusiastic souls - prior to this, it was long-disatnce love letters and tape trading with contacts in the States and Europe. Anyway, by this time, you may recall, Dylan had embraced Christianity and turned 40. Uncoincidentally, perhaps, the music press began to ignore him. It became harder and harder to keep up with what he was up to. What he was up to, of course, was playing shows and making records." John Bauldie


Two years on!   [DEAD]
[England?] : Ian Woodward [1981]
OCLC: 405657066
ill. ; 22cm
Holding Library: Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No.1]
Editor: Ian Woodward [1981]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodical

See also: Dylan books newsletter (of which this is a compilation)


Under your spell
Poland [1999-    ]
In Polish
Editor: Artur Jarosinski
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals
Email: bobdylan@poczta.onet.pl
"The best Dylan fanzine in the whole of Poland!" 
This was a proper old-fashioned fanzine in the sense it was sent free of charge to anyone who requested it.



Who threw the glass : the Australian Bob Dylan quarterly
Sydney, Australia : Australian Bob Dylan Society, [1993-1996]
ISSN: 1039-916X
OCLC: 221785549
ill. ; 30cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries OH, USA [Summer 1993, Autumn 1993]
Editors: Peter Gilmer, Shane Youl
Frequency: Quarterly
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals
Email: [sfy@mel.dit.CSIRO.AU]

Magazine contained analysis and discussion of Bob Dylan’s work.


Why a pig?    [DEAD]
UK : [1993-1994]
Subscriptions for 4 issues [1994] c/o PO Box 3239, London SW6, UK. Cheques/POs/IMO payable to "Why A Pig?"
UK subs: £10; Europe subs: £12; USA subs: $15 sea, $20 air.
Devoted to covering the 'underground' CD market regarding many performers. Excellent reviews and information for collectors. Whilst not a Bob Dylan fanzine, strictly speaking, there is enough Dylan related content to justify its inclusion in the main listing. 
LCSH: Sound recordings -- Collectors and collecting -- Periodicals


Wicked messenger, The  
England : [s.n.] [1980-1990]
OCLC: 40565230
ill. ; 22cm
Bowling Green State University, BGSU Libraries, OH, USA [No. 272-429 May 1986-November 1988; 474-649 June 1989-November 1990]
LCSH: Dylan, Bob -- 1941 -- Periodicals

Publication information from Occasionally issue No. 5, October 1985: "The Wicked Messenger is Occasionally's sister publication, being part-newssheet, part factsheet and part-gossip column. It is produced as-and-when, but generally every 2 weeks. It is available by subscribing to Wanted Man, The Bob Dylan Information Office, PO Box 18, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0XJ, England." 

The wicked messenger was begun in December 1980 as Some Notes On Dylan (4 issues only) and initially circulated privately. When The Telegraph started in November 1981, The wicked messenger was included as loose-leaf inserts until November 1985 (# 1 to # 238), then as the main part of the Rolling telegraph supplement until November 1988 (# 239 to # 429). For a period, there was parallel publication of The wicked messenger in Look back. Since December 1988, The wicked messengers have been an integral part of Isis magazine (from # 430). (Original information from Ian Woodward, which can be read at this Michel Pomarede link)

In 2009, Ian Woodward took a sabbatical from The Wicked messenger. It is currently unclear as to whether the supplement will return.

See also: Isis, Look back, Occasionally and Rolling telegraph supplement


Zimmerman Blues : a/the Dylan magazine 

See also: Talkin’ Bob Zimmerman blues


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